Esiet, which arose out of the merger between Esiet and Medan, is a company able to design and develop complex solutions combining a range of products, technologies, infrastructures and services. It puts itself forward as a single point of contact with the capacity to meet multiple requirements.

Over the course of their history, Esiet and Medan achieved the very highest standards of specialisation and top-quality individual skill sets. They established themselves on the market as companies able to bring real added value to their clients

The merger between Esiet and Medan is all about developing synergies and does not simply involve combining the turnover and number of employees; indeed, synergies of this type have already been developed in the past when working together on complex activities and projects.


As a result of the new company organisation, Esiet can offer its clients:

  • a cutting-edge technological offering for civil and industrial sites, with a marked capacity for integration: electrical and special installations (audio, visual, voice and data), cabling and networking, air conditioning systems, renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions;
  • coverage of the entire IT services industry, from desktop, mobile and systems support to system integration and consultancy;
  • financial soundness;
  • high-level operating and project management capacity;
  • transparent and certified company procedures;focus on continuous improvement.
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