Esiet: a new business in the Hi Tech and ICT world

Esiet is a highly specialized company resulting from the merger of two companies, Medan and Esiet: Esiet is qualified to assist with the planning, design, implementation and management of any kind of ICT infrastructure. Esiet was born at the end of 2012 from the merger of Esiet and Medan: this […]
Esiet Efficiency Provider Data Centers energy consumption

How much energy does your data center consume?

Esiet is the ideal Efficiency Provider Company for every company – whether running a small or large data center – looking for an effective methodology to save energy in their data centers and thusreduce environmental impact. Data centers energy costs – electricity in particular – are often a big financial […]

Esiet and Malawi

The bond between Esiet and Malawi dates back to the first time Maurizio Andreoli and Padre Mario Pacifici met. Padre Mario told Maurizio Andreoli what he was doing in Malawi since 1978 and how much the money he collects in Italy means for those populations. The Alleluya Band was born […]

Esiet sole Fleet Fluke Networks Gold Partner installer

Esiet is the only Italian cabling system installerawarded the title of Fluke Networks Fleet Gold Partner. Fluke Networks is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and customer service of electronic test tools and software. Fluke Networks’ products are robust,transportable, secure and easy to use and all meet the highest […]