Esiet offers a turn-key solution for the hotel enegery efficiency based on a led lighting leasing solution which supports the costs of the entire replacement through lower electricity costs. With its strong technical project performances and the partnerships with LED lighting manufacturing leaders, Esiet can lead the hotel to sustainability.

Environment protection

Sustainability is a main goal for a “green” hotel: energy efficiency means lowering CO2 emissions and help fight climate change and to keep the air that we breathe cleaner. Eco-sustainability is a feature that more and more clients take into consideration when choosing a hotel

Financial incentives

Hotels can access a wide range of financial incentives to help pay for energy efficiency upgrades like:

  • Green leasing
  • Thermal insulation loans
  • New generation heat and power boilers loans
  • Loans for energy efficient lighting improvements

The main advantages of LED lights over traditional lights are:

Energy Efficiency, with an estimated energy efficiency of 50%-70% when compared to traditional lighting

  • Longevity: up until 80.000 hours (approximately 10 years powered 24 hours/day)
  • Nearly no maintenance needed, which plays a key role in generating savings
  • Low heat emissions that doesn’t create additional heat in a room (doesn’t interfere with air conditioning)
  • Excellent light quality
  • Ideal for the human eye
  • Low-Voltage: no risk of sparks and fires
  • Instant lighting (no warm up time)

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