Office, industrial and residential lighting is a necessary but unproductive cost. LED technology can generate cost savings which can be allocated to more productive uses.

Esiet offers its clients a turn-key solution for enegery efficiency improvements in commercial, industrial and residential buldings such as warehouses and plants, offices, parking lots and everywhere artificial lighting is needed for long hours during the day and through the weeks and years.

The turn-key solution, based on Esiet’s strong technical project performances and the partnerships with LED lighting manufacturing leaders, is built upon a led lighting leasing solution which supports the costs of the entire replacement through lower electricity costs.

The main advantages of LEd lights over traditional lights are:

  • Energy Efficiency, with an estimated energy efficiency of 50%-70% when compared to traditional lighting;
  • Longevity: up until 80.000 hours (approximately 10 years powered 24 hours/day):
  • Nearly no maintenance needed, which plays a key role in generating savings;
  • Durable Quality;
  • Low heat emissions that doesn’t create additional heat in a room (doesn’t interfere with air conditioning);

  • Excellent light quality;
  • Ideal for the human eye;
  • Excellent Color Rendering Index;
  • Zero UV and IR Emissions;
  • Low-Voltage: no risk of sparks and fires;
  • Ecologically Friendly: no lead or mercury;
  • Dimmable;
  • Instant Lighting (no warm up time);
  • Resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts.

A thorough assessment of costs and technologies run by Esiet can lead to:

  • Focus on the benefits that lead to energy efficiency and savings;
  • A detailed plan that will take the client to the desired goals in term of energy savings: from the replacement of existing incandescent or older technology fluorescent lamps to the replacement of en entire lighting system, or a combination of these two solutions;
  • Combine technical and financial advantages in one technical and commercial Offer.