The production of energy from renewable sources and, more generally, the subject of energy efficiency, together enable Esiet to provide an integrated and synergic deployment of its installation and IT skills.

It has been widely demonstrated that a photovoltaic installation can be expected to last for at least 25 years, with very limited maintenance work and low overheads. In order for such a long working life to be achieved, it is absolutely key to focus on the following aspects during the design and implementation phases:

  • the choice of components;
  • the quality of the development.

Esiet possesses a thorough knowledge of the unique features of photovoltaic installations, which is why it has created a renewable sources and energy savings team comprised of managers, engineers and certified installers, who are able to ensure the most comprehensive and highest-quality service during all design and development phases, as well as supporting the client throughout all the bureaucratic procedures needed to access the so-called Conto Energia (photovoltaic subsidies) and other available funding.

In order to guarantee that the work is carried out in compliance with the relevant legislation and with the installation requirements set by the component manufacturer (which determine installation efficiency), Esiet only uses technical personnel who undergo continuous training in the latest and best ways to do the work, who are provided with the best

equipment to develop, test and certify the installation, along with everything needed for elevated installations (lifts, ladders, scaffolding, etc.) and whatever is required to ensure the safety of people, buildings and the environment. Not just “turnkey” development guarantees, but above all, professional guarantees.

Site protection systems

The protection of the photovoltaic installation components and circuits from the effects of atmospheric discharges, which are an important risk factor both as regards the direct effects on the panels and the surges generated in the installations, is the first important aspect tackled by Esiet, using specific components and design features provided for by standards for this type of installation.

Given the high financial value of the photovoltaic installation, as well as the individual components that comprise it, together with the extensive financial damage that would result from any tampering with these components or their theft, it is not enough to simply focus on the system design and construction. It is also important to plan and adopt protection systems for the site as a whole.

In this instance, too, Esiet uses different types of equipment and is therefore able to supply solutions for the physical protection of the individual module or the system as a whole, using video surveillance systems with image processing, magnetophone cables with anti-climbing and tamper-proof functions, infrared or microwave barriers, and much more.