Alarm and intruder detection systems

The awareness of the types of risks faced by companies – which may not just involve the theft or damage of items, but also potential vandalism of various types, aimed at contaminating areas or products – has led to the recognition of the importance of investing in security, not just so as to protect the company’s assets, but also and above all to protect its business.

We feel that dealing with physical and environmental security issues demands initial analysis in order to identify the actual requirements in terms of:

  • risk assessment;
  • system integration;
  • reaction times.

Image processing systems, biometric systems, infrared or microwave barriers, microphone cables, underground sensors and much more ­­–

the portfolio of solutions offered by Esiet makes it possible to develop designs to suit any set of requirement.

In terms of fire protection, the implementation of suitable prevention measures is certainly the best system to adopt, as it is highly unlikely a fire will be sparked if the necessary conditions are not in place (electrical overloads, untidy and inadequate installations, overheating due to oversized racks, incorrect cooling and hot-air extraction systems, etc.).

However, as it is not totally possible to eliminate the fire risk, which often also comes down to inevitable human error, including arson, Esiet offers systems that can detect the presence of a fire in the very early phases, complete with functions for forwarding the fire alarms to the fire service and activating the fire containment and sprinkler systems, as well as extinguishing systems matched to the individual companies in question.