The client’s cabling (passive infrastructure in copper, fibre optics and electrical wiring) is designed by Esiet, in the awareness that all the components that comprise it, such as cables, patch panels, patch cords and connectors, are of equal importance for ensuring transmission speeds and distances in line with the high bandwidth demand from increasingly power-hungry applications.

During the development planning phase, it is also fundamental to design well-positioned and accessible cables, separating the power cables from the data cables and also taking into consideration the environmental characteristics and air conditioning flows in the equipment rooms, such as data centres, ensuring that they do not obstruct the cooling flows and the hot-air extraction flows.

Deploying tried-and-tested cabling design methods enables Esiet to maximise its efficiency, guaranteeing continuous processes, reducing the overheads that result from the frequent hardware and software upgrades required by the IT applications, significantly lowering energy consumption and relative costs, and avoiding service interruptions arising from possible human errors during maintenance work.


More and more often, modern organisations and pressing market demands impose new operating methods in terms of corporate interaction and collaboration.

In order to meet these requirements, the content and applications must be instantly available, whether they are used or distributed by a mobile device, a workstation, a service, a virtual system localised in a data centre or directly by the Internet. Businesses must therefore have access to a network that offers high standards of performance at all levels, from the middle outwards, together with widespread coverage, flexibility, security, financial sustainability and protection of the investment.

All the advanced functions relative not just to designing the network architecture, but also to monitoring and separating the traffic, security policies and network redundancy, require dedicated design and configuration work that demands a high level of engineering skill, provided by Esiet to ensure a top-quality result.