Digital Signage is a simple and effective way to contact people and deliver different contents (informations, infotainment, advertisements etc.), through a network of monitors and digital displays.

The main characteristics of a Digital Signage solution:

  • Visually striking and flexible: a Digital Signage solution can show video, audio, images, data, live streaming, booking and much more
  • Data, messages and other content can be easily and dynamically updated, also in real-time
  • Easy set-up and management
  • Useful in different context and settings: banks, insurance companies, health care facilities, universities, retail etc.

Esiet’s Digital Signage solutions are based on:

  • A server
  • As many clients as needed (depending on the number of output monitors installed)

A Digital Signage solution is powerful, flexible, customizable and easily integrated with an external system.

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