Esiet boasts extensive experience in the development of medium and low voltage electrical systems and is able to develop:

  • MV/LV transformer cabinets;
  • Emergency and continuity systems;
  • Low voltage electrical panels;
  • Lighting systems;
  • Motive power distribution;
  • Building automation;
  • Renewable energy production systems.

Esiet has acquired consummate skills in dealing with data centres, trading rooms and multimedia rooms. Although highly specialised, these environments are in use right across the service and industrial sectors.

Legislation on electrical systems is subject to continuous change. It is therefore fundamental to ensure that work is always carried out in compliance with the latest updates, which is why Esiet actively encourages participation in courses and seminars.

Technological developments also require constant upgrades. Esiet’s ISO 9001 quality management and its OH SA 18000 security management systems enable it to plan and manage intense personnel training and development courses.