Information plays a fundamental role in any decision-making process. However, it is often difficult to find, even when it is in a company’s possession.

Constant easy access to information is key to corporate competitiveness and efficiency, since the level of service of even the most sophisticated systems is often limited if not correctly integrated with other systems and with the company organisation as a whole.

Over recent years, technological developments have revolutionised the way we share information, going beyond the use of traditional telephone switchboards and combining voice communications with communications of other kinds (interpersonal calls, conference calls, video connections, emails, instant messaging, fax, etc.) and with the various corporate processes.

The adoption of systems based on Unified Communications technologies brings clear-cut benefits such as:

  • greater corporate efficiency, facilitating collaboration between employees, clients and suppliers;
  • better service provision, increasing the percentage of problems resolved upon initial contact, facilitating the routing of communications on the basis of skill sets and permitting the extension and integration of functions for mobile users too;
  • lower communication costs, making it possible to use low-cost IP connections and teleconferencing and messaging services with practically no connection costs.

In this field, Esiet offers solutions to suit companies of all sizes, from small companies operating out of a single office to companies with several offices around the country.