Data Centres are the technological infrastructures that underpin a company’s business and therefore have a critical role to play.

They ensure the availability of servers and storage networks, sufficient network bandwidth and the security of logical and physical access, as well as satisfying the ever-increasing demand for energy efficiency and efficient space management. Guaranteeing the quality of service required by the managed critical environments requires an all-round service combined with extensive and certified professional skills.

Esiet is able to offer proven, highly rated and efficient management of all “business-critical” IT infrastructures. It adopts well-established best practices backed up by practical experience and uses professionals who are trained both in ITIL methodology and the most common IT tools (MS Windows, Linux Red Hat, Unix, VMware, Oracle DB, MS SQL Server etc.).

In general, before Data Centre services can be offered, a preliminary analysis has to be carried out on the technological characteristics of the applications (architecture, middleware, databases etc.), their stability level (number of revisions per year, dependency on regulations etc.) and how critical they are.

Esiet’s Data Centre Services are usually based on the following chain of support:

  • User Support: services provided by a Service Desk that involve offering specialist support to the end user. Prior to this service, a Help Desk classifies the various requests;
  • System Engineering Services: highly specialist services involving the software that underpins the IT infrastructure. System Engineering Services tackle operational issues, either providing maintenance or updates or meeting any new requirements resulting from business expansion (installing new application software, new releases, optimisation and consolidation etc.). This relates particularly to operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.), middleware (commercial and/or open source Application Servers, virtualisation platforms, networking) and databases (Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, MySQL);
  • Operation Support Services: Operation Management plays an important role in Data Centres, as it must guarantee sufficient resources (both human and technological) to meet the business objectives and fulfil the management requirements. Operation Management is generally concerned with choosing or recommending the best technological solutions that meet the company’s budget and installing a suitable organisational structure.